Why is there a different glass for each drink?

Ever had any drink? Did you notice the cup or glass it was served in? Did you ever notice every drink has some specific...
Shashank Agarwal
3 min read

What is the recipe for the World’s best french fries…

We all love french fries but I can bet, you wouldn’t have tasted what you might end up after reading this post. Yes, we...
Shashank Agarwal
2 min read

Do hens need roosters to be able to lay eggs?

This is a common misconception. You don’t need a rooster for your hens to lay eggs. A rooster is needed to fertilize the eggs...
Shashank Agarwal
37 sec read

IIM-A Report: Food Subsidies In India Rise Over 300 Percent

A new study by Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) has shown the rise of food subsidies in India over a period of six...
Vipul Kumar
1 min read

A pot that stirs food while it is being cooked

A Japanese inventor known as “Watanabe” has come up with a special pot that creates a whirlpool in the pan or heating pot and...
Shashank Agarwal
33 sec read

The best ad ever for a fruit juice!!!

All other brands should just quit right now, because Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar has objectively the hands-down best ad campaign in the history...
Vipul Kumar
28 sec read

Drink Coffee, Live Longer!!!

Millions of us start the morning with a coffee and think nothing of it. But new medical research suggests that it could be helping...
Vipul Kumar
54 sec read

Chandni Chowk, that’s it!!

The heart of India lies in Delhi, whose heart beats at Chandni Chowk! The place makes an unbeatable market for clothes, electronic items, shoes,...
Vani Verma
1 min read