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The First Swallowable Electronic Devices Approved By FDA

A doctor can give you medicines to cure your disease and a health insurance can cover the cost of your treatment. But nothing can...
Vipul Kumar
43 sec read

The best ad ever for a fruit juice!!!

All other brands should just quit right now, because Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar has objectively the hands-down best ad campaign in the history...
Vipul Kumar
28 sec read

Drink Coffee, Live Longer!!!

Millions of us start the morning with a coffee and think nothing of it. But new medical research suggests that it could be helping...
Vipul Kumar
54 sec read

Stress can lead to obesity!

Obesity can be explained as excessive weight gain. A lot has been written about the ever growing number of obese people all over the...
Pratibha Malhotra
56 sec read

Pilates exercises

Pilates is a form of an exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. This form of exercise laid emphasis on development of flexibility and core strength....
Pratibha Malhotra
47 sec read

Eating right- The secret behind naturally glowing skin

NVG578ZTD2CF Are you tired of using expensive cosmetics for skin care with no visible results? Do you wish to have naturally glowing skin? If...
Pratibha Malhotra
1 min read