Shashank Agarwal I am an android developer, hacker, web developer, professional blogger and a complete tech freak. I love computers and everything related to computers. I love learning new things and sharing the knowledge with the world.


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Who were the eight immortals(Chiranjivins) according to hindu tradition ?

There have been many great warriors, saints, gods etc. in the Hindu mythology. According to the various Indian traditions and stories there are eight...
6 6 min read

What is the difference between a Hyper Market, Super Market, Departmental Store and a General Store ?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Hyper Market, Super Market, Departmental Store and a General Store ?
6 1 min read

The Door to Hell

The Derweze in Turkmenistan – or, as the locals have called it, ‘The Door to Hell’. This giant hole of fire in the heart...
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A letter from a scared & fearful INDIAN brother, son & friend !!

WE live in such a sick world!! I used to ask all my friends to read news about the world and actually know what...
0 2 min read

The Kashmir War : Why and when did it all started ?

Kashmir the state which has been lauded as “heaven” on Earth but instead is a haven for terror. But did you ever wonder when...
10 4 min read

Find how many “verified twitter” users are following you?

Twitter is one of the primary social network + micro blogging site out there.  On twitter instead of friends we have “followers”.  But did...
13 1 min read

Sneha Khanwalkar : The talented musician is the “Dailyjag” personality of the month

Sneha Khanwalkar the not so new but the new “revitalizing” force in Bollywood who gave rise to a completely new genre of music in...
0 1 min read

Hidden Android ZOMBIE Art on every Android mobile device

Recently some tech enthusiasts revealed an interesting hidden art that is present in almost all the android phones. Google loves hiding stuff and small...
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A pot that stirs food while it is being cooked

A Japanese inventor known as “Watanabe” has come up with a special pot that creates a whirlpool in the pan or heating pot and...
1 33 sec read

The hi-tech Gujrat village Punsari

When we think of an Indian village it gives us an image of a filthy place with mooing cows, open drains and children playing ants...
2 1 min read

“Devdas” in Time’s Top 10 movies of Millennium

Time magazine claims that the only Indian film to make it to the list is better than Oscar-winner “The Artist” Time magazine has included Sanjay...
0 1 min read

Satyamev Jayate’s next episode to deal with “Dowry”

Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate has been the talk of the entire country since its debut two weeks ago. The actor shocked everyone – and...
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