What are the best subject in B.Tech. for Computer Engineers?

B.Tech has been the hot shot course that often students dream as a path that leads to nice job (money) and a comfortable life. A student must take a B.Tech or other similar course to become an engineer. We (whatwhy) in this post focus on the most necessary subjects for a “computer engineer” in B.Tech; these are the subject that needs an extra emphasis to be put on.
So the branches we selected in the study are – Computer Science & Engineering & Information Technology. These two are the basic braches chosen by students aspiring to be computer engineers.
So we made a list of subjects we feel must be given an extra emphasis on.



C & C++ are the two most important computer languages that every programmer must learn to be called a programmer. These two languages form the basis of every high-level computer language ever made. C is a procedural programming language which is still very widely used all over the world. Learning C will make you concepts about “How to program?” clear. C++ is an Object oriented Programming Language. It is said to be an advanced version of C. C++ is the base for all OOPS languages such as java or C#. So it is very important that you focus well on these two.
Also when you apply for placement, you will always find questions from C/C++. These two are needed to get a good job.


Data Structures

I believe Data Structures is a very important subject and serves as the basis for Algorithm application and understanding. Data Structures concerns with various programming concepts of handling data such as Arrays, Stack, Linked Lists and more.
DS is also very important for placement point of view. You will always find questions concerning “how to work on various Data Structures?” in placement paper.


Algorithms & Analysis Design

Algorithms & Analysis Design must be handled with care. Students feel this is a pretty tough subject, but it’s tough coz students have to use your brain to understand these algorithms and you can not cram these. Algorithms & Analysis Design focuses on the various types of algorithms, calculating their complexities and efficiencies. This is very important subject as it would eventually make you a better programmer & improve you logic and problem algorithm building capability.
Google placement paper is mostly filled with various ADA problems; these include calculating complexities and efficiencies of algorithms.



Java is one of the most powerful OOP languages in the world. Java is essentially very important and comes right after C++ as the most used OOP language. Students must attend JAVA labs and perform the various experiments all by themselves. Java will teach you a lot of things about programming. Also if you are a good JAVA programmer you can easily find part-time jobs. JAVA is widely used for android and facebook application development, so if you are good at JAVA you can give these a try.



Being a hacker, I totally love Linux. Linux spreads the joy of free software. Linux is not just a free Operating System it is much more than this. With Linux you get a superb environment to execute your normal (C/C++) or JAVA program programs. Linux is also important from placement point of view. Google and some biggies ask a lot of questions about Linux and would give preference if you have worked on any Linux project ever.


Compiler Design

Compiler Design is termed as the scary elective subject, and much like (ADA) is termed scary. It’s scary as students have to use their brains to understand the logics. Compiler Design is a nice subject and would take you through various algorithms on how a compiler works in implementing your programs. Also Compiler Design is essential if you have to take any M.Tech exams.


Computer Networks

Computer Networks deals with how computers communicate. This is important for web-developers and network engineers. Computer Networks is pretty interesting if the teacher knows how to teach.

We have enlisted almost all the nicer subjects from B.Tech (CSE) and B.Tech (IT) streams. If you are an engineer we strongly encourage you to put extra efforts on these subjects. With “extra efforts” we do not mean “high scoring” but “In-depth” knowledge of the concepts. These will only make you an efficient computer engineer.
We hope this article has been helpful to you, If you like the article or have to say anything please feel free to comment using the below form.

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