What’s so great about “Android” ?

Whats so great about android ?


Android the open source mobile operating system supported by Google that has changed how smart mobile devices used to be. Android has created a revolution , now you can get high end smart phone for around 200$ (10000Rs). We just take a look why android is so great as compared to other mobile operating system.


1. Android is opensource-

We love opensource software as they initiate true knowledge share base. Means everyone willing to work is free to contribute to the project.

2. Android is based on Linux-

Google did this great thing and made android operating system based on a linux system. Linux is very powerful, this can be observed by the fact that out of 10 super computer of the world 6 of them use linux as the Operating System. Linux has great security features and is the greatest platform for developers.

3. Android is supported by Google-

The android project is funded and supported by Google. This can be thought of as the main reason for the OS to flourish. Which OS will not grow if it was supported by the biggest internet giant. Everyone seemed to be interested in coding for android after they knew that Google was behind it.

4. Android has lesser bugs-

There had been many surveys and research on the project . The result were quite surprising, even though it is opensource it had lesser no of bugs as compared to any other software.

5. Android app store-

Android is stated at having one of the biggest application store out there. Every company is like already have or are going to release an android version of their software.

Android is really great, that’s why we all love it. And above all its free forever.

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