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What can cause a computer to “Explode” ?

  Just sometime back I saw hollywood movie which showed that just the moment a guy clicked on a software he just downloaded over the internet, his computer exploded and went like a bomb. This landed me to a amazing question “Can a computer ever explode ? ” Virus has been messing with computers, they […]

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Who are the best-selling music artists of all time ?

  The world’s best selling music artists that not just created music but legend. This a list of those artists than sold 300 million or more records. The best-selling music artists of all time are legends in their genre. Let’s take a look at them and the history they created-   1.The Beatles : Claimed […]

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what is perception ?

It is the way to look at things… To be more precise, it is a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something in your own personal manner. For one person the glass might be half empty and for another, half full. Our perception decides our way of living, our relationships and moreover our way of […]

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What is the “unspoken language” we all know ?

We all use words to communicate with each other, but beside this there is another yet unnoticed language very common in use and doesn’t need any words , I call it the “Unspoken Language”. What actually is the “unspoken language” ? Some people might confuse this with body or sign language, but this is much […]